The dot.story extended

More stories

If the dot.story told me one thing, then that there are many more potential dot.stories out there.

For example, dot. works with a network of dot.stations and each of these dot.stations is different, is run by different people and rooted in different communities. Each of them have a story to tell.

And then there are the many stories of what a customer might want or need, or what troubles a designer or a supplier might face, and all the stories about inventions and creations that can take us back to coexisting with nature and with each other.

Plus, the recent apology by The Guardian for their founder’s links to slavery in the cotton trade, makes me think that slavery is another aspect which could be explored. And more, dot. with its business practises can make a difference for all those who have suffered and are suffering from the exploitation of their people and their lands, and a new dot.story could illustrate how.

And then there are all the stories of people who lack the imagination to make the world thrive and who want to hold on to their destructive business practices. Attacking dot. makes for a good story, not least because dot. is big, clever and inventive enough to protect all members of the network, no matter what the opponents try.

TV shows and games

dot. is of the kind of fabric that is ideal for TV shows. The dot.story alone would make for an emboldening TV series with a lot of potential to dig deeper, both into the past and the future of business practices, of fashion oddities and a lot more. And more characters from around the world could be added.

I got pretty hooked on including as many countries as possible in the dot.story, and I still only just passed a hundred countries and regions. The TV show could make a point to tell stories from every single country, region, and group of the planet, demonstrating in the story, the diversity and potentials dot. can unearth.

A dot.documentary about how the real dot. is built would make for a great real-time series, with local camera teams all chipping in.

And a would be fantastic, too. A game were the players build the global Other players could decide to focus on building individual dot.stations. And another could focus on creating clothes, and this game could get a direct channel to the dot.designers. Plus those games could be linked to the dot.simulation and thereby both fiction and reality could profit from each other.

And very likely there is more …


It would be a truly dot.thing to do to create an audiobook of the dot.story with people from the original places of the story, most prominently from Edinburgh, Scotland; Tunis, Tunis; Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ghent, Belgium; Panama, Panama; Nairobi, Kenya; Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand; Bristol, UK, New Orleans, US; Colombo, Sri Lanka, and many more.


If you are interested in any of the above ideas, please, write to: // subject: dot.story extended.

dot.story by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

Charlie Alice Raya


Edinburgh, Tunis and the world

A story illustrating the ideas for dot.

Pages: 70k, 230 pages
Format: ePub
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ISBN 978-3-9821289-1-7