last updated: 22 March 2022

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

regarding the purchase of e-books on the website, the download of free pdf documents and support for the projects


Any contract is between you (the customer) and Charlie Alice Raya aka Ellen Paschiller (the author).

Buying an e-book

Choose one or more e-books and pay via the payment method of your choice – either via direct bank transfer or via PayPal.

Case 1: pay via bank transfer / order

  • Click on checkout and choose the option: pay directly via bank transfer.
  • Fill out the form and check the e-book(s) you want to purchase.
  • Choose between paying directly and receiving the invoice first.
  • And choose how the e-book(s) are delivered to you (via email or via download link on this website).

Case 1: pay via bank transfer / confirmation

  • You will receive a confirmation of your order, and the invoice, via email within 24h (on working days).
  • There are no automated replies to this way of ordering.

Case 1: pay via bank transfer / delivery

  • When your payment is confirmed, you will receive your e-book(s) either via email or via download link on this website depending on which mode of delivery you chose.

Case 2: pay via PayPal / order

  • Click on checkout.
  • Fill out the order form.
  • Click on purchase.

Case 2: pay via PayPal / payment

  • You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment.

Case 2: pay via PayPal / delivery

  • After your payment is completed, PayPal will redirect you back to this website.
  • You will see one or more download link(s) for your purchase(s).
  • You will also receive these links via email.

Download links

Each e-book comes with three downloads for your private use.

The download links are active for seven days.

Should you have any trouble with the e-book file, please get in touch:

Damaged e-book file

In case of a damaged e-book file, easy town books will provide you with a new file.

If no e-book file works on your systems, then easy town books will refund the price for your e-book purchase(s) in full.

Right to return

You have the right to return the e-book within fourteen days after receiving the e-book.

There are slightly different approaches in different countries, but since easy town books is based in Europe, the 14 day cooling off period applies to all purchases made on the easy town websites.
This means, if you return the e-book within 14 days of receiving the e-book, the price you paid for the e-book will be refunded to you within seven days.

free downloads

terms, conditions and copyright

Sometimes a collection of graphics or photographs and/or quotes is available as free pdf download.

If you download a pdf document, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You may copy the complete file
and share the complete file freely.

It is not allowed to use any separate part of such a collection, be it a quote, extract, graphic, idea or photograph, in any context. It is not allowed to print such a collection or single parts of it, or to sell these collections or any part of them.


All rights reserved. All easy town books, including the extracts collections and additional material. These books and e-books are sold for private use only. They may not be copied, transmitted, reproduced, lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the author’s prior written permission.

For more details see copyright & disclaimer on the easy town books website.


Should there be any trouble or disagreements, German laws apply. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin, since all easy town projects are presently based in Berlin.

terms & conditions

regarding support for the easy town projects

The following business principles apply for all easy town projects:

  • no exploitation
  • no discrimination
  • no corruption

This means: support for the easy town projects is welcome,
but cooperation might be declined, in which case payments made are refunded.

Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about the easy town books terms & conditions.