Ice Cream Springs

Ice Cream Springs

Focus: The human psyche

Ice cream is such a small, runny, cooling something and yet it has a soothing quality that is quite remarkable. Therefore the town with a focus on mental health is called Ice Cream Springs, a reminder that a bit of ice cream can do wonders in troubled times. And also a reminder that while talking can be good, sometimes a gesture or some distraction is needed most.

The citizens of Ice Cream Springs work in all sorts of fields which help people to take care of their mental health, to heal, to get stronger, or to mature (in a good way that doesn’t kill off the adventurous and curious child).

A lot of research is undertaken, not least to find our how all the different gardens can help patients and tourists alike.

Ice Cream Springs offers retreats & support for people who need rest, healing and inspiration.

Arts & Crafts are the connectors, tools and mediators in all sorts of healing processes.

Ice Cream Springs & dot.

Clothing can play a pivotal role in healing processes, be it clothes to curl up in, clothes that boost confidence, or clothes which help to remember a time or situation.

In the dot.story special clothes are invented which might help to deal with anxiety, part of which can be read online.

One of the suggested features for dot. is the mood filter where a user can type in what kind of mood they are in, plus whether they are looking for something to reinforce or counteract that mood.

I keep thinking that using the mood filter alone should help people to get a few smiles back on, even if it’s only temporary.

Maybe the dot.moods collection team should have a base in Ice Cream Springs.

Apart from dot.’s online offers, Ice Cream Springs could have a sprawling dot.station with many small workshop which would be open to patients who would like to work with their hands or who want to slowly find their way back into working.