Two dot.simulations and dot.profits

A pre-published special from book 3, shaping, by Charlie Alice Raya

Raiden continued in his calm voice. ‘In one of our early sessions, back in September, Alice suggested a kind of control group simulation for all businesses, the way researchers use control groups, one group gets the pill, the other a placebo. This way we’d be able to compare the outcome of a company run according to our principles and practices to a company offering the same goods run in the way that is still common. In the course of the discussion we decided to postpone this idea. But I was curious, and as a test I built a control group simulation for dot. I included parameters used by business analyst, and I added indexes for waste, health, empowerment, variety, diversity, sustainability, ripple effects and more. The results are truly remarkable. Our dot.model is superior in every single category, even with regard to profits before redistribution. Profits are higher because customers recognise that we work for their benefit, and profits are higher because we cause a lot less harm with regard to the health of everyone who works for dot., with regard to the environment and with respect to the local communities. And we save a lot of money by spending little on advertising, transport, waste disposal, chemicals, and by producing only what has been ordered. And we don’t need to pay for any climate offsets, we are actually contributing to a healing environment. The fact that we are building a network of suppliers for dot. and our other businesses also contributes positively to sustainability and to people’s welfare, because our suppliers are treated with the same respect everyone at dot. experiences. In the short time dot. has been operating, it has generated more profit than the sales alone would have made possible, simply by the gains in the welfare of the people, both of those who work with dot. and our customers. The parameters—’

book 3, shaping (pre-published)


In the scene above I make assumptions, but it’s worth testing whether it is possible to build a company which can achieve just that.

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‘dot. could become a melting pot for any fashion designer who is fed up with exploitation, and who’d like to try a new business model.’

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