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a business model for a fashion company

by Charlie Alice Raya

The offers a deeper insight into the ideas around rethinking business practices and into, the umbrella company for dot.

Part I starts with the two main dialogues about dot. from book 1, beginning, and from book 2, travelling, by Charlie Alice Raya, where the dot.ideas were first developed.

The dialogues are followed by a closer look at potential dot.perspectives, dot.principles, dot.aims, dot.’s core elements, and the teams of

Part III takes a look at other businesses which could use the dot.model as a blueprint, and adapt it to their specific workflows. A highlight are the suggestions for a plastic-free future of Lego.
Occasionally stories are used to illustrate ideas, and another highlight is Mia’s story, a writer in Águilas, Spain; a story which is as much about publishing as it is about the consequences of tourism.

Part IV contains dialogues and scenes from book 1, beginning, and book 2, travelling, with a focus on business practises in general. Subjects like business size, business diversity, or the role of work are introduced, and two business practice ideas are discussed in more detail: job shaking and price per task.

In Part V there is a brief comment on the future of dot., after which the question What does it take to build dot.? is explored.

Cheers to all the bastards is the cherry on the cake, a short scene from the Australia chapter of book 2, travelling — for a defiant smile.

Part VII is a collection of scenes & dialogues from book 2, travelling, most of which centre around Hachiro, the head designer of the fictional dot. In these scenes some of Hachiro’s approaches, designs and thoughts on fashion are introduced.

quote from the aims at a system that allows a maximum number of people to profit from a single product, not at a system that generates a maximum profit for a single person. perspectives

Contents — dot., the book


Main dialogues and thoughts about dot.

  • Brainstorming for town businesses
    book 1, beginning, week 3

  • Rethinking business practices, book 1, beginning, key quote

  • dot.
    book 2/1, travelling, Australia


More about dot.

  • dot.perspectives
  • dot.principles
  • dot.aims
  • Seven core approaches
  •, tasks & teams


The dot.model as blueprint for other businesses

  • shoe port
  • soap opera
  • revealed
  • pepper books publishing
  • hidden doors
  • toys around the world
  • breathe
  • coex building
  • natural packaging
  • highFly
  • twinkle


Dialogues and thoughts from book 1, beginning & book 2, travelling

Business practices

  • Balances, book 2, travelling, China
  • Giants & Dwarfs, book 2, travelling, Romania
  • The human is a creative creature, book 1, beginning, week 3
  • Durability & waste index, book 1, beginning, week 3
  • Efficiency, book 1, beginning, at the conference
  • Modern Slavery, book 1, beginning, at the conference
  • Economic Freedom, book 1, beginning, at the conference
  • Raw materials, book 2, travelling, Flight to Sydney
  • Jack’s daughter is on a roll, book 2, travelling, Romania

Job shaking

  • Alice talks about visiting Easy in rehab, book 1, beginning
  • About the job shakers, book 1, beginning, week 1
  • The Business Team discusses job shaking, book 1, beginning, week 3
  • Discussing retirement and careers, book 1, beginning, week 6
  • Making work life flexible to add opportunities and experiences, notes for book 3/4

Price per task

  • The Business Team discusses price per task, book 1, beginning, week 3
  • The gap between rich and poor, book 1, beginning, at the conference


  • The future of dot.
  • What does it take to build dot.?


  • Cheers to all the bastards, book 2, travelling, Australia


Scenes and dialogues from book 2, travelling

  • Urns, San Francisco
  • Outfits for the travelling team, San Francisco
  • Hachiro disgruntled, Flight to Rio
  • One of Hachiro’s masterpieces
  • A show of respect, South Africa
  • Hachiro and Jack, Buenos Aires, South Africa & Australia
  • Who do I want to be? China
  • dot. in China?
  • Hachiro in Otaon
  • Jesse steels the show, Romania
  • Twin cities, Romania
  • The prince and the queen, Russia
  • Berlin
  • dot. on the Hub, Berlin