How the dot.story happened

The beginnings

In summer 2022, I was working on the, further extending it, taking time to dig deeper into the ideas for dot. and giving the overall collection a polish, when the dot.story happened.

During that time, I infrequently published titbits about the progress of my work, and below you’ll find some of those entries regarding the dot.story.

The diary

31 July 2022
The is in its final editing stage, and once that is completed, things should finally speed up again. By now the main dot.example, which uses the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the other festivals as a backdrop, has become one big story, a story which connects people from around the world with dot., a potential global fashion company which empowers creatives & small businesses. What I like about this story is that it is fun to read while illustrating how dot. could work to unearth this planet’s creative potentials and at the same time do everything to counteract the damage done to the planet and its people.

12 August 2022
It’s official, the main example for how dot. could work is a story — or you could say, it has grown into a story.

2 September 2022
I am still a little in shock. Unintentionally, and in only a few weeks, I wrote a book. And yes, it’s the dot.story.
It all started as such a small, clever idea. Hey, why don’t I exchange the slightly dull descriptions of the dot.teams with little examples, mini-stories to illustrate how the teams could work? I mean, I have been using stories quite a bit for dot., for the book stations (check out the craftspeople in Prague, case 3) and to illustrate other business ideas. And those stories stayed small, and showed no intention of outgrowing their surroundings.
But this story, the dot.story, it just kept growing. Mind you, I love it, but it’s kind of funny and strange how blindly I stumbled into it, and that at a time when my priority is actually to launch all the websites.
Well, that is stories for you, they have a life of their own, and if you aren’t careful, they just sweep you away into Storyland.
At some point, the dot.story had grown so big that I had to take it out of the, and now the dot.story gets its own publication.
There is still a little way to go. At the moment I let the story simmer, before it gets its final read.

25 September 2022
I added more details to the dot.story. It’s grown so much. I’m still amazed.

12 October 2022
The dot.story passed the final reading, and as it happens, the story ends on the 12 October. I only noticed that today. It’s one of those small coincidences that make me smile.

A few additional remarks

The dot.story is a good opportunity to dig deep into the ideas for dot. and into rethinking business practices. And while doing so the dot.story offers experiences rich in diversity, vision, innovations, and ideas which have the potential to make a difference for our future.

I would love to see the dot.story as a TV series in an extended version which would include even more characters and countries. See the dot.story extended >

And while the dot.story doesn’t make any obvious references to the easy town story, I couldn’t resist to let the dot.story leak into the easy town story. See The dot.story and the easy town story, part 2.

quote from the easy town books

One of Leathan’s festival highlights were the encounters with three visitors, from Canada, Mexico and Sweden, who wore outfits he had designed — outfits which had been produced at their local dot.workshops. It was so strange and fantastic to meet these people, to connect with them and to share a beer and a laugh, and to marvel at what dot. made possible.


dot.story by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

Charlie Alice Raya


Edinburgh, Tunis and the world

A story illustrating the ideas for dot.

Pages: 70k, 230 pages
Format: ePub
Files: dot.story, ePub, dot.tour, pdf
Price: €8.51 (incl. VAT)

ISBN 978-3-9821289-1-7