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Pages: 230 pages, 70k words
Format: ePub
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ISBN 978-3-9821289-1-7

Charlie Alice Raya


Edinburgh, Tunis and the world

A story illustrating the ideas for dot.

Rethinking business practices was the starting point for dot. The dot.story illustrates that an approach which empowers creators and craftspeople as well as communities is possible, sustainable, and luckily, also fun.

The story starts with Leathan, a young designer in Edinburgh, who begins to work with dot. at a time when the local dot.station is in trouble. Together with Calli, a local dot.designer who takes him under her wings, they come up with an idea for the Edinburgh festivals in August. An idea that gets everyone talking — and laughing, and that might turn the dot.station’s fate.

That is the beginning of the dot.story.

As the story proceeds other locations and characters take centre stage, and each of them illustrates aspects of the workflows and dynamics within dot., and in the process the story spans the net across the world, brings creatives and craftspeople from around the globe together, and interweaves the individual stories.

The main locations of the story are: Edinburgh, Scotland; Tunis, Tunis; Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ghent, Belgium; Panama, Panama; Nairobi, Kenya; Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand; New Orleans, US; and Colombo, Sri Lanka.
And the characters — well, they are from all corners of the world, connecting the dot.story to over a hundred countries, regions and locations.

The dot.story in numbers: 29 stories from 14 locations intertwined with each other and connecting to over a 100 countries, regions and locations. Also included are over 70 fashion ideas, nearly 30 ideas for new fashion collections, over 25 ideas for innovations, nearly 15 additional ideas for dot.stations, and 7 additional ideas outside the above categories.

The appendix includes background material published on this website:

  • Notes on the dot.story
  • dot.teams, overview
  • What’s with the dot in dot.?
  • How the dot.story happened
  • The dot.story and the easy town story
  • Two simulations and dot.profits
  • Scotland, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the dot.story and me
  • The dot.story extended
  • The future of dot.
  • Dig deeper
quote from the dot.story

‘You see, our young friend here is full of ideas. He’s like an ideas fountain really. And after some dancing in the waters, it was clear that we needed to pick a few ideas and leave the rest for later. And then there’s the trouble at the dot.station. You’ve heard?’
‘Not enough orders.’
‘Right. So when Lakeshia from wrote that it would be great if we could focus on the ideas for the festivals, because that might give the dot.station the spark it needs, we narrowed down the field of ideas.’