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The customer

The customer is a human being, not a purse.

The designer

The designer is a human being, not a goldmine for others to exploit.

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The presenter of fashion

The presenter of fashion is a human being, not an object.

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The worker

The worker is a human being, not an asset.

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The supplier

The supplier is a human being, not a slave.

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A manager

A manager is a guardian, not a self-important bully.

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Careers make little sense and need a rethink.



Clothes are a mirror of a person’s personality, moods and wishes,
not a way to align with trends or conventions.



Products have consequences.
Consequences will be addressed, not ignored.

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Resources are limited and will be used at a sustainable level.

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The environment

The environment is essential to the human survival.
It is neither an asset nor a dump. aims at a system that allows a maximum number of people to profit from a single product, not at a system that generates a maximum profit for a single person.