dot. in the easy town story

How fashion came into the easy town story

There were many easy town stories before the story you will find in the book series. And in every story, Alice had a personal fashion designers.
Not because she is particularly vain, but because she recognises that the way someone dresses can be used to convey who that person is, and even what that person wants.
The only problem with that is that Alice doesn’t like shopping or fashion labels. And so, Alice got a fashion designer who takes care of her outfits.

How dot. came into the easy town story

I was writing the first draft for the business week in book 1, beginning, kind of strolling through a garden full of business ideas, when quite unexpectedly the idea for dot. emerged in a meeting with the business team.

dot. and the easy town story

Ever since dot. took its first steps in that business meeting, it has been growing, though in the easy town story itself, the dot. doesn’t play a big role.

Some of dot.’s designs on the other hand add some key points to scenes in book 2, travelling.

For the travelling team, Hachiro, the head designer of the fictional dot. created special outfits for every country the team visit. And each of these outfits is partly about the character and partly about the location visited.

On top of that, Hachiro, who is part of the travelling team, adds some fashion-related moments and comments to book 2, travelling, plus he brings up the idea for

Book 3, shaping, will see little of Hachiro and dot. But generally the discourse about clothes, business practices, styles and other related topics will continue to be part of the easy town story.

quote from the easy town books

Hachiro seemed to get her very well. His outfits for her balanced elements of ease and casualness with elements of strength or stubbornness.

book 2/1, travelling, Buenos Aires