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A creative hub embedded in nature where creative potentials are unearthed and the community strives while celebrating style and arts and living. That’s a big part of what makes a dot.station.

notes for book 3, shaping

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As the income at dot.workshops increases, part of this income can be used to build dot.stations.

dot.stations are like parks filled with opportunities. At the centre are all businesses connected to dot. These are complemented by other small businesses, education offers, artist studios, a theatre, a museum, accommodation and more. All embedded in nature.

Nature as in farms, both to source raw materials for fabrics and to provide the dot.station and the community with foods.

Nature as in compost gardens, recycle gardens, water cleaning gardens.

Nature as in using renewable energy sources.

Nature as in keeping a balance between what is taken from nature and what nature can provide, without causing deterioration.

Nature as in gardens. This includes orchards, herbs gardens, vegetable gardens, wildlife gardens and flower gardens.

Nature as in gardens with an extra edge, like the Challenge Garden.

This also means that anyone from single venturer to large family can easily spend days at a dot.station and still find new things to discover.

While dot.stations will make profit, their main aim is to provide a healthy and inspiring environment for those who work there, for those who live there, for all visitors and for the local community.

Thanks to the micro grid, a dot.station will be independent from the energy markets.